Social Story

Our social story is presented with inclusivity in mind, ensuring everyone can enjoy the excitement of game day. This social story takes you on a journey through the sights, sounds, and sensations you'll encounter at The Gabba.

We hope that you enjoy the event and we can't wait to see you next time!

Up to 1.25L of sealed water

I am going to The GABBA today!

Today I'm going to The Gabba in Woolloongabba, Australia.
I'm going to watch a major sporting event there!

Up to 600ml sealed non-alcoholic drinks

When I Arrive

When I arrive at the stadium, I will go to the gate listed on my ticket and wait in line to enter with my family or group. It may be loud and crowded, but that is okay because this is a sensory inclusive location.
Soft Gel Cool Packs


Before entering The Gabba I may need to have a
metal detector wand scan me and my belongings
at security. I may also need to give the security guard
any items I might be bringing with me into The Gabba
like my iPad, iPhone, or a comfort item. But don't worry,
I will get it back after they have been checked which
only takes a few seconds. If I bring a bag to the stadium,
I will need to have my bag checked before I enter.
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I will need to have my ticket scanned when I arrive. I can get it ready to be scanned as I wait in line to enter.
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Borrowing a Sensory Bag

I can borrow a sensory bag from the First Aid Rooms
located at all major public gates. There are items in
the sensory bag that will help me feel calm. I can use
the headphones and the fidget tools in my sensory bag
to help me stay calm and enjoy the game with my group
or family.

Finding My Seat

There are over 42,000 seats at The Gabba. If I need help finding my seat, I can ask an event staff member.
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Headphone Zone

People like to cheer and clap at The Gabba. A lot of
the venue is considered a headphone zone which
means I may be most comfortable wearing my
headphones here.
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Watching the Game

During the game, there will be lots of excitement. I hope my team wins!

Quiet Room 

If I need a break from the excitement, I can visit
the Quiet Room on Level 2 of the venue at Section 240.
Here I can relax and recharge. Once I feel ready, I can
continue watching the teams play!


During the game, there will be lots of celebrations. People will bring flags and wear the team's colours to show their support.

Getting Help

During my visit to The Gabba, I can ask the event
staff any questions I have. If I get lost or need help,
I should look for The Gabba branded T-shirts with
the stadium logo on the front.

Snacks and Drinks

If I get hungry or thirsty during my visit, I can buy some food or something to drink at the food concession area.


Once the game is over, there may be many people
leaving the venue at the same time. I should stay with
my group or family and leave together.

Thank You!

I had a great time at The Gabba today. Knowing what to expect made it fun and easy. I can't wait to go back!